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Our snacks are gluten free, vegetarian friendly, completely free of any unsavoury GMO's and they are totally delicious. Happy days!

Lovingly Made

We could ramble on about our potato selection policy, our high tech slicers and cookers, our meticulous hand cooked frying and our sweeping selection of hand picked natural ingredients but we wouldn't want to bore you.

Suffice to say our snacks are lovingly looked after from the moment they arrive at our front door to the moment we pack them off to the big wide world, securely clad in their witty and eye-catching packaging.


Darling Spuds come to you from the creators of Salty Dog, Judy and Dave Willis. Salty Dog was conceived as a quirky range of feisty flavoured crisps named in honour of their enthusiastic junior partner, a little terrier puppy called Ruby.

Darling Spuds is the result of Judy's determination to create a more wholesome, all natural snack to satisfy the growing demand for healthier food.

Aside from their slightly obsessive interest in snacks, Judy and Dave enjoy a simple, country life.
They are renovating a narrow boat
called Merlin on the Grand Union
canal in leafy Buckinghamshire and
enjoy flying kites or walking Ruby
in the Chiltern Hills.


I have had darling corn & I'm addicted. They are so good

I received a pack of your darling corn, toasted corn kernels in a snack box & I'd love to get more. Fallen in love :)


I have been enjoying your crisps for quite some time now; my very favourite is "Darling Spuds Crushed Natural Sea Salt". I love their balanced taste, diversity and of course, the wonderful health benefits. Other companies that try and make similar products don't even come close to your quality. Please keep up the good work, and promise me that you will never change a thing

Darling Spuds are my new favourite crisps - having only recently discovered them - and the Jalapeno Peppers are my favourite flavour. All the best

We all been delighted by the unusual and tasty crisps from 'Darling Spuds'. We (or me!) particularly enjoy the sun ripped tomato flavour as well as sour cream with the spicy taste of chilli. Well done and keep-up frying excellent hand crafted crisps!

Hello All, We have only one phrase that fits: The Darling Spuds of May .................till April!! We can only add that they are the best we have ever tasted, a real potato.
Derek and Christine

Hello , I've discovered your Darling Spuds Potato Chips and I love them! I can safely say they are my favourite crisp and have been letting anyone, who cares to listen, know this! Cheers
Dave Purcell

Hi Darling Spuds, I don't normally email but currently engaged in a marathon train trip, I have just tucked into a sack of your spuds, great crisps going well with the beer. Its looking brighter for the next 3 hours.... Thanks!
Mark Clayton

All the flavours have proven very popular... fire roasted jalapeno, at last a proper kick to a crisp - customers love them!
Judith Fish, Applecross Inn

This brand new range looks great, tastes great and best of all, is completely natural.
Natural Health Magazine

It's lovely to hear from you again and excellent news that your business is doing so well. Keep up the good work and don't stop devising the new ideas and flavours to tempt your customers. You're an inspiration to all our Biz bureau aspiring entrepreneurs.
Daily Mirror Newspaper

The Darling Spuds range uses natural ingredients such as West Country cheddar, pink peppercorns, jalapeno peppers and balsamic vinegar in an initial selection of 4 flavours.
Fine Food Digest

Sea Salt & Modena Balsamic Vinegar... Abi says they are really nice, she liked the fact that they are thick cut and the flavour was just right, not too salty or vinergary. Crushed Natural Sea Salt.. I tested these and liked them because they too had just the right amount of salt. West Country Cheddar, leek & Pink Peppercorns. Kimberley tasted these and thought they were delicately flavoured and very moreish. Fire Roasted Jalapeno Peppers. We all tried these. WOW THEY BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF. Jonathan the pyromaniac loved them, can imagine they would be great with dips too.
Jeff Beevers & family - West Yorkshire

I've been a great fan of Salty Dog Crisps for some time now, but with my ongoing (and relatively unsuccessful) diet and attempts at being health conscious, I was very excited to hear that the great inventors of Salty Dog where bringing out a healthier alternative by giving birth to their little Darling Spuds! I love that they are still bursting with flavour but are a much lighter crisp. I particularly love the West Country cheddar, leek and pink peppercorn and the tangy twist of balsamic vinegar in the Modena Balsamic Vinegar ones. Once again the team at Salty Towers have got it just right, with great graphics and inventive cartoons and stories. I now feel that I can still enjoy great crisps and not feel too guilty about it!
Paula Wilkinson, London

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